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kswCardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw for years it has been at the forefront of the most-chosen public universities in Poland. The university conducts scientific research, provides access to knowledge and the acquisition of skills to all who have the right to do so, disseminates and makes knowledge available, educates research staff, performs scientific expertise for the use of external institutions, cooperates with many university and non-university research centers, public authorities of the central level , regional and local, economic institutions, non-governmental organizations both in the country.

Faculty of Family Studies UKSW conducts interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the field of family issues. It implements projects co-financed from EU funds, for expamle: „Family Balance Coaching”, „Succession coaching - multidimensional support for the management of succession processes in family businesses„.

fabiEDU Research Poland Sp. z o.o. - The main area of activity is analytical and research, development, consulting and advisory services. It also specializes in broadly understood activities as well as implementation and development works. It implements and helps to implement projects in the field of social activities, related to, inter alia, with the professionalization of social services and the provision of modern, high-quality solutions in this area. For many years, it has also been offering coaching, counseling and supervision services for various groups of recipients. An important element of the company's operations are analyzes of the functioning of schools in the socio-economic environment, including in particular the placement of schools in local, regional and transnational cooperation networks. The issues of professional development and the acquisition of professional qualifications in connection with the processes of education in school and non-school forms, the effectiveness of educational processes and vocational training arouse particular interest.

EDU is involved in the development of the concept of social and family coaching and its use in helping people in difficult life situations and jobseekers. The concepts were developed in transnational cooperation and with the use of inter-sectoral partnership (universities, aid and non-governmental institutions) and the experience of the German partner in this area, labor market institution, a company specializing in analytical and research, development and consulting and advisory areas. EDU has extensive experience in the implementation of international projects co-financed from EU funds, for example: „EDU STAŻ - mobile internship application” and ”EDU SKILLS SYSTEM”.

karanAssociation of the Catholic Anti-Narcotic Movement KARAN - is a public benefit organization that deals with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, preventing the occurrence of any social dysfunctions in the environment of children and adolescents, including mainly dependence on various types of measures that change awareness. He has experience in the substantive area of the project (diagnosis / family counseling related to the reconciliation of professional / family life, in particular care for dependent persons.


kueiKatholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany) - Catholic German university with the status of a public university. He has many years of experience in international projects, including cooperation with Poland, for example „Succession coaching - multidimensional support for the management of succession processes in family businesses”, Interdisciplinary Central Institute of Family and Marriage in Society (ZFG - Zentralinstitut für Ehe und Familie in der Gesellschaft, www.ku.de/forschung/forschungseinr/zfg) with the center of gravity in his actions placed on the search for a balance between work and family life. KUEI carries out its activities in the field of implementation, conceptual and research in the field of family-work balance (e.g. W. Schmidt 2009) and the development of diagnostic mobile tools.