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Project „Innovative tool for the diagnosis of individual competences of balancing work and family life” Project numer: POWR.04.03.00-00-W181/16

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020, Priority IV, Action 4.3

Project leader - Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw
Project partners – EDU Reserach Poland Sp. z o.o., Association of the Catholic Anti-Narcotic Movement KARAN, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany)

work and family life based on German solutions and with the support of a German partner. The innovative nature of the solution relates to the methodical departure from the static and artificiality of the diagnostic procedure in the direction of a dynamic approach, conducted in real conditions, using the Ambulatory Assessment method and modern methods of mobile communication (2-week data collection in various family and work situations using a smartphone). In the content/conceptual layer, the innovation of the solution consists in changing the adopted perspective and closely related to the possibility of practical actions. It is proposed to depart from the conflicting determinants of the family-work relationship in favor of seeking individual skills / competences (in various dimensions) allowing for an active balancing of family and professional life. Such competences may allow for conscious shaping of relations between family and work, they may be supported and educated, thanks to which the project has a very practical dimension. It complements the work carried out in cooperation with the participating entities on coaching support for the balance between family and work life (family-balance-coaching).

balance between family and work life (family-balance-coaching). The solutions will be implemented in the facilities of the KARAN Association in Poland and used in the diagnostic process of families, in particular when caring for dependent people. Additionally, implementation in other family clinics and labor market institutions interested in non-commercial use of the tool. Ultimately, the tool can be widely used in family support institutions (counseling centers, therapeutic and mediation institutions, especially non-governmental ones), in HR departments (diagnosis of employee balance), as well as in labor market institutions or entities working to reconcile work and family life.

  1. A psychometric tool for analyzing the competences of balancing work and family life (electronic version)
  2. Mobile application for testing competences (mobile application together with the IT system from the level of recipient / user / administrator access)
  3. Tool Application Guide (printed and electronic)
  4. Diagnostics training program (training program / lesson scenarios / exercise tools)
  5. Recommendations for the implementing institution (4 electronic versions and a printout of 200 copies